Community Services

‘It is only in giving that we receive’

With this firmly etched in our mind in a schedule packed with activity that the students take an active interest in voluntary community service of their choice. Each year has seen earnest prerogatives on behalf of the students in their fields of service.

We at M.C.G.S. certainly believe that ‘Charity begins at home.’ The beautiful trees and the green lawns speak volumes about the students effort in the form of ‘Tree Plantation’ and ‘Weeding’ in the initial years of the school.

With our feet firmly on the ground we took our first step to work in the nearby villages to get a first hand experience. With the help of the District Authorities we worked for three years each in these two villages- CHACHIAWAS and BORAJ.

The new millennium shook the country with the ‘Gujarat Earthquake’ in 2001. The students of class 11 (Pre SC’s) decided to work in the quake affected areas of ‘Surendra Nagar’ district in Gujarat for their mid term trip. Our visit was an eye-opener of the devastation caused by this natural calamity. The principal, staff and students worked together to construct temporary homes for the affected people .

Infused with fresh new hopes in our mind, we adopted “DANTA” a village 13 km from Ajmer on Nasirabad road. Interacting with the children in the Government Middle School and the private Saheed Baghat Singh School gives us great joy. It is a pleasure to see their happy faces eagerly waiting for us. Besides, other activities our “Spoken English” classes are most popular.

In the year 2003 we established a handicraft shop ”HATHELI”.The articles made by the women in the village are sold during our Prize Giving. “HATHELI”has been a reliable source of income for these women. Electrification of the school, utensils for Mid Day Meal, uniform and bags for students of Below Poverty Line families has been provided.

We spread our wings further to work with the intellectually disabled children. We were privileged to have children from “TAMMANNA”, Delhi and “DISHA”, Jaipur to give us a better insight to the needs of these children. We were happy now when “MINOO MIANO VIKAS KENDRA” at CHACHIWAS opened in Ajmer for mentally challenged children. Our weekly visits to this school have taught us patience and human touch necessary in our interaction.

The “TSUNAMI” disaster in 2004 greatly moved us at MCGS. Our class XII volunteered to to go to Tamil Nadu for relief work in affected areas like Nagapattnam and Cuddalore. 100 new fangled coconut saplings were planted and orphanages were visited. The District authorities helped us to locate places, where relief work was required. It was a lifetime experience.

As our interest grew further, some of us wanted top work with the ‘Hearing impaired’ children. We now regularly visit ‘BADHIR VIDHYALAYA’ in Ajmer. The enthusiasm is a lesson for us- the girls are keen to learn dance and are gifted with a sense of rhythm. Some of us have asked their teachers to teach us ‘SIGN LANGUAGE?

Within the school the girls help to run the ‘TUCK SHOP’. From 1999 it has taught us to manage accounts and learn to use our coupons wisely- the art of budgeting.

Girls also take turns to serve in the mess which will teach us to be a perfect hostess in future.

We at M.C.G.S. continue to support ‘Government’s Literacy Mission’. The students teach the basic- 3 R’s to the support staff in the houses, the mess and the school.

True to our motto ‘LET THERE BE LIGHT’ we continue in our endeavour to extend a helping hand or bring a smile on a face.

In this unending journey each mayoite awakens to the fact that how fortunate she is and grows up to become a sensitive human being.

Gujarat quake- class of 2002-2003

Tsunami relief- class of 2005-2006

School canteen-1999


This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles