Round Square International Conference 2011 held at Wellington College London UK from 17th to 22nd of October, 2011 was a remarkable encounter for our delegation in the glorious SILVER JUBILEE YEAR of Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer.

Our delegation comprised of Ms. Kanchan Khandke, Round Square Representative Mrs. Uma Wanchoo and five of our girls from the present Pre SC, Anisha Mukherjee, Fariha Fairouz, Shubhangini Prasad, Sarveshwari Kumari and Devisha Kumari Singh.

Our theme, “REACHING BEYOND OUR LIMITS”, was nonetheless, an idea of taking responsibility for ourselves, at the heart of Kurt Hahn’s philosophy and cornerstone of ROUND SQUARE.

We were privileged to witness the declaration of the opening of the Conference by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The entire delegation was addressed by motivational speakers including Jasmine Whitbread, Chief executive of Save the Children, Karen Darke, a keen mountaineer who unfortunately became paralyzed in a rock-climbing accident and lastly, Colin Jackson, a successful athlete. They not only had an impact on our minds but also gave us the courage to face challenges.

Followed by this, our Barazza and Riika Sessions were conducted which were ideal media for exchanging ideas that were equally honoured.

The Adventure Day encompassed a wide range of exhilarating activities, such as Windsor Castle, Sandhurst Military Academy and the University of Oxford. Completing technical tasks amidst the British heritage, learning their rich culture and exploring the roots of the historic city of Oxford were incredible experiences for all of us.

On the Service Day, we assisted in helping others, contributing to environment such as, clearing various heath land regions and clearing the banks of river ‘Thames’. This was an opportunity to bond with the local community.

Performing ‘BEYOND OUR LIMITS’, on the cultural perspective, assembled a united gathering of diversified traditions. Spiritually also, we recognized the ties that bind us across all boundaries.

REGIONAL MEMBERS OF ROUND SQUARE since 1997, Mayo College Girls’ School acquired GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP, from His Majesty King Constantine, the patron of ROUND SQUARE ORGANIZATION. This was a milestone in the history of our School.

Ultimately, the Conference inculcated in each of us the quality to make a positive difference in the world, even in the least possible manner. We rose to the challenges offered and imbibed in us the enriching bounty of knowledge.

One would conclude with the following quote from the Conference:

“If we set our heart and mind to our deeds, it’s all about finding belief, confidence and commitment. Then there are no limits.” 

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