The Indo-German Exchange

It was on the 29th of October when the German students from Lorrach and Ohiningen came to stay with us. The boys stayed at Mayo College and the girls with us. They were welcomed warm-heartedly with bouquets of roses and gifts. Their daily routine was getting up at 2:30 am and having breakfast with their Indian counterparts. They would then go to the boys’ school for various fun-filled activities. They would then return to the girls’ school for a hearty Indian lunch. In the evening, various entertainment programs were organized. The students showed keen interest in knowing more about the German culture and the festivals they celebrate. Many friendly matches and city tours were organized for our German friends. Time passed so fast that we couldn’t accept that it was time to bid them goodbye. With tears in our eyes, we bid them farewell. Overall, it was a memorable and wonderful experience which none of us will ever forget!


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