School Mess


Mayo College Girls School offers wide variety of meals from its stable of world cuisine.’

     Our School Dining Hall caters to 817 students and 150 staff members. Its primary objective is to serve our students a wholesome, well balanced and nutritious food to meet the needs of healthy growing child. At the same time we offer various regional cuisines such as Punjabee, Rajasthani, Gujrati, SouthIndian, Maharastrian etc beside International cuisine like Mexican, Italian, Chinese, French etc. The menu is changed time to time to cater variety and taste as per the requirement of students. It is compulsory for the teachers to have lunch with the girls. This helps teachers to inculcate table manners among students of all age group.

      The mess runs two shifts for all meals. For students from Class IV to VII there is table service and for rest of the students there is buffet system. The Vegetarians and Non vegetarians sit separately. The diet include Egg / sausage / salami, cereals like porridge, muesli, chocos are served in breakfast . Care is taken that children are served green vegetable, pulses and basmati rice in both the meals daily.  Milk, Fruit and sweet dish are served twice daily. The mess has installed few new equipments for better and quick services.


  • Two Hatco Toaster’s to give our girls hot toast in the breakfast time.
  • Chapatti making machine and dough kneader in which only two persons can make 1000 chapati in an hour.
  • Vegetable cutting machine which can shred, chop, slice in a matter of seconds.
  • Commercial Oven in which we can bake pizza, lasagna, veg au gratin faster.
  • Dish washing machine to clean cutlery and crockery in hygienic conditions.


A team of 24 Service and 19 kitchen personnel beside two Matrons work hard to serve the students under the supervision of the mess Manager. This we have achieved due to our work culture which says “Always  look into the Human element”. Here every individual is treated equally with respect. For us every individual is important.





This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles