Batch Reunion

On the completion of 25 years of our Alma Mater,when one and all associated with the school is in the mood of celebration and enjoyment, the reunion of the batch of 2002 from the 10th-12th August, 2012 was icing on the cake. Their being on the campus for a short span was an amazing time for them as well as for us.
They arrived at 1:30 p.m. and had special lunch in the mess followed by a trip to the holy Dargah, the very identity of Ajmer. Later in the evening they assembled in the auditorium to be a part of the Janmashtami celebrations. Dinner was organized by one of their batch mates at Kishangarh and that was the end to a perfect day filled with reminders of the good old days.
The next day, they put up an assembly for us and after that they had an interactive session with the Holding House, in which they were applied tilak and given badges. They played musical chair with the tiny lots of Mayo, who late tattooed the arms of the old girls. All this was very special for the old girls as they felt the love and warmth extended to them by the present Mayo family. They were reminded of their bygone times in Mayo, the fun, the laughter, cries and victories they had shared.
This was followed by an interactive session with the Pre Sc’s and Sc’s.This session was a knowledgeable one as the present girls had lots of queries regarding career options and this was the right place to get their doubts cleared.
The old girls got a chance to be a part of the swimming Inter House Final meet. They cheered out loud for their respective houses. The swimming spirit was continued when a water polo match was held between the old girls and the school team. This game ended in a draw. After that they had special lunch in the mess and then moved to the school store to buy Mayo merchandise, to take back the fond memories back to their homes.

The Principal’s dinner on the 11th August, 2012 was a fabulous time they had, once again reminding them of their yesteryears in school. The Troubadours performed and this aroused enthusiasm in the old girls as well, who after a while sang few songs. Then school momentos were presented to them by the Principal followed by a multimedia presentation.
Their trip ended with smiles on their faces and tears in the eyes. Smiles because of the wonderful moments and cherished memories relived and tears because they had to leave school once again, just the way they had 10 years ago, to continue with their lives and to move ahead with further career developments. We the Mayo family wish them the very best for their future and pray that they reach the epitome of success in what they do here after.


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