Dhanyavad Divas - Helpers' Thanks-giving Day

We go through our busy schedule of games, school, extracurriculars and homework, and don't really have the time to properly acknowledge and appreciate our pastoral care. On the 15th of April, the Dhanyavad Divas was the perfect occassion to show our gratitude to all the staff that have been with us through the course of these 25 years and have nurtured our school to where it stands today. Dhanyavad Divas wqas organised in two parts where first part contained all the sports activities and the other was the evening cultural programme. Sports activities lasted from five to six thirty in the evening and from seven was the cultural programme.  
The Dhanyavad Divas began with a volleyball match for the male helpers of the school in which Vijay Bhaiyaji's team came out victorious. On the other side was a game of musical chairs organised for the female helpers of the school where Munni Baiji won the game. After the entertaining game of musical chairs the Baijis were all set for the matka race where they had to balance the matkas on their heads and make it to the finishing line without dropping or touching the matkas. In this race Leena and Vimla Baiji emerged victorious. Matka race was succeeded by  three legged race where we saw a lot of tumbling and tripping. The helpers' children too had their play time where they enjoyed the banana race. In this race they had to run to the half line, gobble down two bananas and run to the finishing line. This game was championed by Sahil. Coming back to the elders front, we had the needle and thread race for couples and last but not the least was the tug of war. First tug of war was played between the two volleyball teams where again the game was won by Vijay Bhaiyaji's team. The second round was played between the female helpers and the twelfth standard girls where the lead was taken by the female workers.
With that we moved on to the cultural programme where many hidden talents were displayed. The first performance was by Raghuvir Bhaiyaji in which he recited a poem dedicated to our beloved Ma'am Singh. This was succeeded by Tara Baiji's solo bhajan and Sharda Baiji's 'Tara ri chundri' song. Jeeven Bhaiyaji played "Algoza" for about four continous minutes and did a fanatastic job. After a series of songs and poems, came the chance of dances. The stage was initially set ablaze by Vimla Baiji on the song'Banni rapat padi' and this was followed by a group performance on ghoomar. Manju Baiji also added colours to the veening show by performing a solo dance on 'aur rang de'. The dances were not only put up by the female helpers but the male helpers too were a part of it. Giriraj Bhaiyaji showed his talent by performing on 'desi boys' which was applauded by the entire audience. 
Now, it was time to go back to the poems and singing. We had a self-composed poem by Prakash Bhaiyaji and this was followed by a solo song-tum kal chale jaaoge-by Ashok Bhaiyaji. The female workers too showed enthusiasm by comi ng togther and singing 'Dhamadham mast kalandar'. Last of the performances was the dhol dance where all the helpers interested were called upon to dance on the beats of dhol. After all the singing and dancing, it was time for giving out momentos to the helpers.
Ma'am Singh  gave momentos to each of the helpers and with that we concluded the show. All the helpers along with their families were requested to move for dinner. We hope we could make it memorable for them because they have done a lot for the school throughout and will always remain an integral part of it. 
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