Ma'am Singh's Farewell

The last 25 years have been a culmination of hard work and passion on the part of all those who strived to nurture this glorious institution. On the 22nd of April, the girls of Mayo College Girls' School hosted a Sports Display and a Cultural Programme in commemoration of the toils and fruits of the years gone by, and in honour of the Iron Lady who has stood by us throughout, Ma'am Jamila Singh.
The Sports Display began with a display of all the sports played throughout the years and how they have grown from being a meagre four, to a staggering fourteen sports facilities in the institution. A yoga display followed, combining various formations and ending with the beating heart that has kept our school alive and flourishing. The junior section too put up their own drill, enthused with energy and the undying spirit of Mayo.
The Cultural Programme brought alive the thriving culture and creativity of the school. The programme began with a series of folk dances from all reaches of India, ranging from the Assamese Bihu to Punjabi Bhangra, and even Dandiya from Gujarat. Succeeding that was a Broadway-Style contemporary dance by Holding House as well as the Senior School. Following it was a short presentation-cum-play expressing the gratitude of all girls who have graduated from this institution and have found a place in this world, thanks to their experience in the school and the girls studying and growing here, still searching for theirs. There was also a documentary made by the girls on the progression of the school from a faculty of 17 and a strength of barely 89 to a whopping number of 857 girls and 100+ teachers. It also displayed many farewell messages from staff and students alike. The evening finally ended with a few words from Ma'am Singh and the whole programme had quite a few people in tears of sadness and pride.
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This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles