Educational Exchange Programmes

The Alabama NASA Space Program

It is said dreams do come true…If you told us this a few months ago, we wouldn’t have believed a word of it. But MCGS has always given support to every one of their girls’ dreams and given them their chance to fly. From the 13th to the 25th of June, 36 girls from our school got a chance to fly to United States and attend the Alabama NASA Space Academy at 1 Tranquility Base in Huntsville. It was a great opportunity for all of us. We got to see some space shuttle models like the Pathfinder, the Enterprise, etc. which we had believed would only be vague words or pictures in our dreams. A week at the space camp appeared to all 36 of us like a chance to live our sci-fi fantasies.  We sat in different simulators, rovers, maneuvering units to experience working and living in a zero gravity environment in the space. We also had many teambuilding activities like mission to moon, space shuttle control, etc. which really helped us to learn the importance of teamwork. Our trip to United States was not over yet, though. We also got a chance to go to the CNN studios, the Coca Cola World which had a variety of about 2000 flavors to choose from. We also went for a city tour of Washington DC, which included our visits to the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Space Museum and of course The White House.  Our trip to New York and Boston had some of most awaited moment s of life like visiting the Times Square, Museum of Mathematics, and some of our dream universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard University. In all it was an amazing experience teaching us values, cultures and morals through enjoyment. 


Australia Study Tour

From the 19th the 28th of June selected students of MCGS visited Australia, the Land down Under, for workshops in two fields, namely, Performing Arts and Cricket. Our girls visited schools in the state of New South Wales to attend workshops and interactive sessions on these fields.

The Cricket team played matches at Hurlstone High School (which was our benevolent host for the trip) and St. George’s School for girls, and even visited the famous cricket stadium.

The Performing Arts students visited Campbelltown Performing Arts School. They took part in various activities such as dance, drama and music and even learnt some circus skills!

Both the Cricket team and Performing Arts students bonded well with their Australian colleagues. The girls also visited wonderful attractions such as the Sydney Opera house, Harbor Bridge and the Taronga Zoo. The girls also took a trip to the beautiful and sunny land of Gold Coast, Queensland where they visited various theme parks and attractions, followed by a short tour of Brisbane city, a breathtaking locale full of beauty and heritage. It was a wonderful experience for both parties. The girls enjoyed experiencing such a different, refreshing culture and the trip expanded our horizons in a way they could never even dream of before. It was educational, action-packed and fun all in one box! The girls surely got to have their cake and eat it too.


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