HMUN 2013

The HMUN India 2013 conference held at Hyderabad this August was one that will remain embedded in the minds of the participants for many years to come. This conference, organized by a team of sixteen students from Harvard, Boston, comprised of over a thousand delegates from eight different countries. It gave the participants the exclusive chance to share the floor with some of the best school level debaters from across the Indian subcontinent and allowed a communication and exchange of ideas that transcended the diverse social, cultural and political differences between the delegates.

Our school participated in ten committees that included the Security Council, the Historic General Assembly, the International Energy Agency, the Special Political and Decolonizing Committee, the Special Summit on Oil, the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, the World Health Organization as well as specialized agencies such as the Exiled Iranian Refugees and the Press Corps. The committees tested the participants’ knowledge of world threatening issues ranging from the health hazards posed by climate change to the precarious situation in Syria.


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The conference required delegates to bring out the different aspects of the topic in discussion and then finally, after hours of negotiation and debate, come down to a unanimous consensus on what should be done about it. This provided our girls the opportunity to enhance their public speaking skills, learn the importance of conviction, the ability to compromise and the art of leadership.

HMUN India 2013 permitted our students to step into the shoes of real diplomats and experience the life of a global citizen while adhering to the propriety expected of them. Our girls performed exceedingly well and exemplified the best of our school’s capability during the course of the conference. The participants are very grateful to our Principal Ma’am Kanchan Khandke and to the MUN faculty for giving them the chance to attend this conference.


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