Harvard Model Congress Asia 2014- Hong Kong

A group of 24 girls from classes XI and IX went to Hong Kong to attend the X Harvard Model Congress Asia 2014.For some it’s been a lesson of diplomacy, for others an opportunity to connect with one another and for a few a glorious triumph. Yes indeed the Harvard Model Congress Asia 2014 has been a learning experience for all, though in different ways.

On the 8th of January, 24 of our girls embarked on a lifetime journey to Hong Kong with a brief idea of what we were going to do, hardly were we aware of the in-numerous experiences that lay in store for us which would leave us with memories we will always cherish.

Our journey began with a warm welcome by our tour operators at the Hong Kong airport. Straight after which we were all ready and rejuvenated to experience Hong Kong. Not only did we see and felt the vibrant facets of Hong Kong but also tasted them. Yes we had a week’s reservations set in the different restaurants of Hong Kong to taste the different cuisines and delicacies it ought to serve us. First on the list was a hearty Filipino lunch which was followed by Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, American and of course our good old Indian food.

After which we checked into our hotel to get refreshed for a beautiful evening. That day we went to visit the Victoria peak. We ascended up with help a vintage tram ride. Up there we went see the Madame Tussads’ wax museum. A place where we got a chance to get clicked with our favorite Hollywood and Asian movie stars. Victoria peak was also a beautiful spot to see the illuminated Hong Kong at night.

Our sightseeing trip continued on the next day as well. On the 9th after a heavy breakfast we went to see the repulse bay, Aberdeen fishing village and the Stanley market. With the end of this refreshing morning it was time for some serious business now. After a Vietnamese lunch we went to the our conference venue , the Hong Kong university only to discover more than 800 other students from all over Asia , standing in the registration cue. From that moment we knew that we were going to leave this place with great bonds of fellowship. During the evening university tour and panel meeting we met and interacted with different people, understanding about different cultures and traditions. We slept with a bunch of different feelings of anxiety, happiness and nervousness that night.

The conference was to go for the 10th, 11th and 12th of January. It was a simulation of the United States congress where many of our girls represented the different senators and representatives of the house. There were nine domestic committees and eleven international committees, all of them dealt with different agendas of American domestic issues and its international involvement.

The three days of conference were indeed oozing with heated debate, diplomatic talks , negotiations, and pro con speeches all aiming at one motive – the construction of an unanimously acceptable bill. The conference helped us discover many important facets of world politics and diplomacy.

This was not the end. The post conference tour of Hong Kong was a very pleasant, amusing, vibrant and jaw dropping experience. May it be Hong Kong’s technological advancements or it’s times immemorially old culture, we saw it all. Our sightseeing tour included a visit to the Polan monastery, Tiang Tin Buddha, Ocean Park, museum of Hong Kong, experiencing the longest cable car ride in the world and the good old trams. We also visited the ladies market which consisted of local Chinese specialties like the jade stone, kimonos and Buddha statues. We also got an opportunity to witness the manufacturing process of the jade jewels in South East Asia’s biggest jewelry store, the TSL.

It is indeed said that travelling is a beautiful form of learning where one can absorb immense knowledge immensely. This delegation was escorted by the Vice Principal Mrs Divya Dwivedi and MUN Coordinator Mrs Anita John


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