Horse Riding has always been a well-respected sport in India. It’s origins can be traced beck to times of emperors and kings. It is a sport that melds together the power, grace and majesty of the horse and human intelligence.

                   We at Mayo College Girls’ School take great pride in Horse Riding. Over the years, we have participated in various competitions and achieved honour and experience.

                                     We also co-hosted the IPSC Equestrian Championship 2014 with Mayo College from the 8th of Feburary to the 10th of Feburary in which 15 of our girls took part. Prestigious schools from all over the country participated in it which included The Schindia School, Gwalior ; Punjab Public School, Nabha ; MNSS, Rai ; Rashtriya Military School, Dehradun ; Mayo College, Ajmer our brother school and Mayo College Girls’ School Being the only girls school.

The following girls received medals:

1. Sharanya Gupta bagged a Bronze medal in Ball and Bucket race.

2. Anya P. Pradhan bagged a Silver medal in Ball and Bucket + Stick and Ball race.

3. Debasmita Gaur bagged a team Silver in Children Group 3 Dressage.

4. Agnishikha Gaur bagged a team Gold in Choldren Group 2 Dressage.

5. Ameera Pasrich bagged a team Gold in Junior Dressage.

6. A team consisting of Riya Bakshi, Deveshree Shekhawat and Shamaila Khan bagged a team bronze in Children Group 1 Dressage.

7. Divyakriti Singh and Tryambika Singh bagged a team Bronze in Junior Dressage.

8. Sumedha Singh bagged a Bronze in team Tent Pegging.

 The year has started as being a rewarding one and hope to bring laurels to our school in the future as well.



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