Talk on Shakespeare By Mr. Pranav Mukherjee

Commemorating the 450th birth anniversary of the most celebrated play-write in history-William Shakespeare, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee held an interactive session to help us understand the nature of Shakespeare’s work of genius a little better. Mr. Mukherjee is a renowned resource person for both debate and drama and we were quite fortunate to have him amidst us.
The session helped us understand as to why exactly Shakespeare is a literary legend, even today. It is not elaborate plots or flawless elocution that made Shakespeare famous, but his simplicity and understanding of human nature which he brought out in his plays. Shakespeare’s characters were virtually without any race-hence a black Calpurnia or an oriental Othello would make no difference to the play or the character, for unlike many, Shakespeare looked within the human mind for his characters. His plays were conceptually universal, touching people all over the world, from any century and any culture, and yet, he was essentially an entertainer. 
This is what made him literary legend. He used wit, satire and emotion to bring his masterpieces alive and in his honour, we celebrate World Book Day on the 25th of April. 


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