The World Sports Festival, 2014


On 1st July, 32 players from our school took off from New Delhi to attend a sports festival that took place in Vienna. World Sports Festival in Vienna takes place every year but this time 177 players from India took part in the competition and our girls bagged 60% of the medals from the Indian contingent.

The main aspect of this festival is the international flair of the youth tournament which is held under the patronage of the UNESCO. Thousands of young athletes around the world meet for three days of sports in Vienna, with many social activities taking place everyday. 

The tournament began on 3rd July, with games at different venues. We interacted with more people and learned what it’s like being in a different country. The competition heated up and continued the next two days. 6th July was the date for the last finals and thereafter the award ceremony took place in the players town. When all athletes on stage had medals around their necks, their respective national anthems could be heard throughout the whole Event hotel Pyramid, which was a proud moment for those athletes. 

Besides the tournament, we also went sightseeing to various places like The Grand Budapest, and stayed a night at Linz and Salzburg.  Salzburg boasts it tourist-per-capita ratio higher than Venice and Florence. We crossed Mozart’s birthplace which has been systematically remodelled and enlarged over the decades to The International Mozarteum Foundation and has become a cultural venue that draws thousands of visitors from around the world to Salzburg.  

There is nothing worse than leaving a place you have come to like an enjoy, and it was no different with this trip. It was great to be the heart and soul of this event and we would like to thank the principal, Ma'am Kanchan, for giving us the opportunity to attend this fantastic sport event and visit places in and around Vienna. 



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