The German Exchange, 2014

“We laid a lot of memories down,

Like tattoos on this town.”

Jason Aldean, Tattoos on This Town

Seven of our girls- Anindita Sinh, Devyani Singh, Ambika Chaudhary, Shreeya Sharma, Lavanya Agarwal, Sartaj Kaur, and Zoya Bhargav-along with a teacher, Ma’am Gargee, went to Germany in the months of June and July for a senior exchange program with Fredrick Hecker Gymnasium, which is a senior secondary school in the city of Radolfzell. They were greeted with an opening ceremony at the junior school in Ohinningen, after which the students went off with their respective hosts.

The students had a very eventful week in Germany with their hosts as they toured the cities of Meersburg and Mainau, which have the most beautiful flower garden and an exotic butterfly house respectively, as well as the oldest castles in Germany. They visited the historic Black Forest, the Glass Factory and saw the biggest Cuckoo Clock in the world in the city of Tirsburg. They also saw the Technorama museum in Zurich, Switzerland which has over five hundred experiments for the visitors to perform and witness, and the city of Konstanz which holds immense historic significance for the Catholics.

At school in Radolfzell, the students were able to exchange ideas and voice their opinions as a part of the English and sports classes. They also attended German, Physics, and music lessons. The students were also able to give their German friends an insight of Indian culture during the cultural program in which they put up different kinds of dance and music performances. The program was appreciated by everyone present.

After spending more than a week with their hosts the students bid them goodbye and left for Zurich once more. They spent three days in the city where they lodged at the Youth Hostel. In the course of these three days, they took a tour of the city and saw Mount Titlis.

Overall, the trip was very enriching and helped our girls develop their personalities further. It helped inculcate in them the ability to accept all sorts of people, ideas and cultures.

We would like to thank our principal, Ma’am Kanchan, for giving our girls the opportunity of going on this wonderful exchange program. 



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