Inter house Western Music competition 2014

The inter house Western Music competition took place on the 29th of July, 2014. The entire school gathered in the auditorium to spend an evening celebrating music.

The competition was divided into four categories: the junior solo singing competition, the band competition, the senior solo singing competition, and the group singing competition.

In the solo singing competition, both the juniors and the seniors performed admirably, filling the room with their beautiful voices, and singing covers of songs by a wide range of artists, from Abba to Bon Jovi to Shakira.

The various bands were equally delightful to listen to, with all the house bands enthralling the audience with their music.

The last category in the competition was the group song, where the girls sang songs from Fun’s We Are Young to American Authors’ Best Day of My Life. It was the perfect finish to a perfect evening, and had every one tapping their feet or bobbing their heads just a little.

When the evening came to an end, the audience was left with a song in each heart, and a good mood to begin the next day with. It was, truly, a memorable evening filled with music and joy. 

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