Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference

     From 26th July to 3rd August, fourteen of our girls visited the Republic of Ireland for the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference, escorted by Ma’am Kanchan and Ma’am Eti. It was held in the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. This was the second year our school was participating in this conference. Schools from the United States of America, Northern Ireland and Palestine take part in this conference. Sadly, however, Palestine wasn’t able to join us this year.

     The conference was organized by Foroige, the leading youth organization in Ireland. The agenda of the conference was to develop and present meaningful youth leadership and mentorship programs to 15-18 year olds of good character who had demonstrated leadership skills and an interest in community service around the globe.

    On the first day, we went to Dublin for a visit to the oldest college in Ireland, Trinity College. The conference started on 28th with an ice breaking session. We were divided into different groups with whom we had to stay for the rest of the conference. Each group had their own banners, mascot, motto and two facilitators to conduct the workshop. Throughout the day we were given group activities and games to teach us about leadership. We also had a workbook in which we had to reflect our experiences and feelings after every activity. In the last few days everyone from the group had to present their goals and what would they do to achieve them in front of their respective groups.

     On 2nd August, we visited Belfast, which is in Northern Ireland. We learnt about the history of the country and saw the Titanic museum, which was enriching for all of the girls.

     The trip was a wonderful learning opportunity for everyone involved, and we are all grateful to the school and to the principal for providing us with this experience. 



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