Career Counseling by ICS

The Indian Institute of Career Studies (ICS) organized a career counseling session in our school for 5 days. It was a great learning experience as the counseling sessions were very comprehensive and helpful.

On the first day , there was an introductory session by Dr. Amrita Das , where Dr Das spoke about making our passion our profession , she asked us to do what we love and follow our heart  and most importantly go with our instinct. It was a wonderful interactive session, where students asked their career related queries.

From the second day individual counseling sessions began, the students were counseled by Dr Das and her team. The individual sessions were organized from classes 9th to 12th. The students asked the counselors their respective queries and questions regarding their career choice. At the end of the individual sessions students were confident about choosing their careers as they had been given a very clear and wide picture of all the professions, and their questions regarding a profession had been answered. The individual sessions continued till the last day. Along with the individual counseling there was a talk on leadership and competitive examinations by Dr Das. 

All in all it was a very comprehensive session and it was a privilege to have Dr Das and her team in our school.


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