Pathways MUN 2014

The Pathways Model United Nations Conference, 2014 was held from the 19th to the 21st of September. With a total of 300 delegates participating, this MUN was indeed a conference based on high level of debate and diplomacy. It was undoubtedly a once in a life time experience for all of us. Comprising of sixteen delegates, our schools delegation represented various countries in committees ranging from the United Nations Security Council (SC), Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), the IAEA, Historic Security Council, United Nations Development Program, and the General Assembly (Disarmament and International Security Council). Our delegation performed exceedingly well and was overall awarded the Best Delegation trophy. Individually, delegates from our school were awarded best delegate HRC, high commendation HRC, high commendation ECOSOC, high commendation SC, and special mention IAEA. Verbal commendations were also awarded to our delegates in the Security Council and the United Nations Development Program. It was our privilege to be given this opportunity by our school to take part in this Model United Nations Conference. Certainly, it was a successful and enlightening conference.

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