Talk by Indian Ambassador to Portugal

      On the evening of 3rd February the students of class 9th and 11th from Mayo College and Mayo College Girls’ School attended a talk by the Indian ambassador to Portugal, Mr. Jitendra Mishra.

     The evening’s program began with General Kulkarni, principle Mayo College introducing Mr. Mishra. The general introduced Mr. Mishra by retelling stories from his School life. He also stressed on the fact that we only realize, ‘’how important you are in a society in a few years from now.’’

     Mr. Tridib Mishra, the Ambassador’s son then delivered a powerful and inspiring speech. He has graduated in International Studies from Australia and has tried his hands at every professional field possible. In his influential speech he talked about the importance of soft skills which take time to refine and can be transferred to the context. He ended by saying, ‘’change is the only constant.’’

     Followed by this, was the speech by Mr. Jitendra Mishra. Mr. Mishra, an alumnus of Mayo College is an Indian Foreign Service officer with over 33 years of experience in a wide range of diplomatic functions in the U.S.; the U.K.; Portugal; Israel; Egypt; Bangladesh; Vietnam; Laos; Libya and Malta, as well as in the ministries of External Affairs and Defence in New Delhi from 2010 to 2011 .He was appointed as India’s ambassador to Portugal in January, 2014.

Taking the road not taken, he gave us inspiration from his student life. He reminded us that, ‘’you are part of history, so do not fritter the opportunity.’’ He also recounted his childhood saying that what he learnt from school was TEAM SPIRIT and CONFIDENCE.

In the end, he answered the questions posed by the students. When asked about the extent of the threat we face by China he said that the border dispute does exist but the new government has injected great insurgency and we have to build up capabilities. Talking about the possibility of a cold war due to Ukraine crises he said that we are continuously fighting proxy wars. He also mentioned,‘’world has shifted towards East and India’s strategic importance lies in Russia.’’

      He also recounted his experiences as Portugal’s ambassador saying that one has to be careful as a diplomat and you can never falter or tell a lie. Mr. Mishra also shared that his inspiration was his school, his inspiration continues to see the flag hoisting.

     The program ended by our Principal Ma’am Khandke presenting a token to Mr.Jitendra Mishra and Mr. Tridip Mishra. We were indeed left very enthused and politically aware by Sir’s knowledge, integrity and confidence.

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