We are happy to inform you that  18 girls  escorted by 2 staff members from Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer are participated in the Space Camp program at the US Space and Rocket Center at Huntsville, Alabama along with visits to New York and Washington DC.

Space Camp was a unique ten days trip to the USA designed to inspire, excite and motivate students about science and space research. The trip includes five days at Huntsville, Alabama, during which students participate in an educational program at NASA’s US Space and Rocket Center.

During the educational program students attended :

  • Learnt about the work NASA is doing
  • Undergone extensive astronaut training
  • Learnt to overcome challenges as they participate in a realistic simulation of a space mission
  • Worked on projects
  • Participated in team building exercises
  • Took exclusive tours of the facilities at NASA’s USSRC



Out of 19 students, 6 children ( age group 15 years ) were selected for the Advanced Space Academy Programme and the remaining 13 students were in the Space Camp with the team name DEIMOS.



The children in the SPACE CAMP lived inside a building that look like a LUNAR HABITAT.



The students at the SPACE CAMP were engaged in the team building challenges such as designing, building and testing their own rockets, participating in Astronaut Training, Shuttle Mission and the Moon Walk.  Students saw the 363 feet tall SATURN V MOON ROCEKT.   They also experienced SPACE SHOT AND G FORCE ACCELERATOR and 1/6the GRAVITY CHAIR which was an experience of how  Astronaut walk on the moon.

The academy uses interactive technology, science oriented workshops and team exercises to teach students leadership skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  They also learnt how to clean dirty water in order to keep their surroundings clean.

Children also witnessed the IMAX Movies like ‘The Hidden Universe and The Journey to Space.



Students did rock climbing and wall climbing activities where they had to climb a 50 feet pole, stand on it and then jump.



The students got an opportunity to interact with a former American Lady Astronaut, Ms. Wendy Lawrence who reinforced core leadership competencies and shared her first hand professional experiences.



The advance team got the Outstanding Team Award and College Credit by the University of Alabama. The DIMOS Team got the Mission Patch Award.



Tour of US Capital, Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space, Supreme Court, Library of congress, Washington and Lincoln Memorials and White house in Washington DC.  In Virginia, we witnessed ‘The Luray Caverns which is one of the natural wonders famous for Stalactites.

 In New York, we visited the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and Madam Tussaud’s Wax museum.  Children enjoyed shopping and Indian food in New York.



The Math museum was very interesting and interactive for the children.  There were several machines which they could use and play to learn Maths.  It is completely a hands on Museum which has games, puzzles and interactive pieces.  Children really enjoyed seeing the exhibits and doing activities.



We hope after attending this educational trip students were able to see how the concepts they learn in everyday Maths, Physics and Geography can be applied to real life situations.  The trip has not only been very educational but it has also taught them many skills which they can use both in Academic and Personal Life.




This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles