A student exchange programme was organized from the 2nd to the 11th of August, 2015.3 students from class 9 and 12 students from class 8 were were escorted by ma’am Ritvika Kumari for the event to Bhutan.

We departed from school on 1st August with great vigor and excitement, following which we took off for Paro. We were accompanied by Welham Girls School, Dehradun and Vasant Valley, New Delhi. After Paro, we left for Thimpu as we crossed numerous awe-inspiring and picturesque settings.

We reached Thimpu, where we settled in the peaceful and lush green Hotel Taksang. In Thimphu, we visited the Buddha Point, which is the largest Buddha statue in Bhutan, the Folk Museum, the paper factory and the Voluntary Artist Studio (VAST), which is a contemporary art studio run by Mr. Karma Wangdi. We visited the Druk School where we made umpteen friends and performed a group song. We were also invited for tea at Mr. Arjun Kapoor’s residence and saw a presentation on the history of Bhutan.

Then we pushed off for Punakha which led us to the temple of Divine Mad Man. Here we were taken to the eminent Tsongku, where we learnt about Buddhist culture’s cycle of re-incarnation. We also paid a visit to the textile museum.

Now it was time for our next destination, Paro. One thrilling part of this journey was the Tiger’s Nest, which was actually a five kilometer long trek. We also visited the “Yoserling High School” where we performed Bhangra and Rajasthani Folk Song. This also happened to mark the end of our enriching trip.

The entire programme, seen in a broader perspective, helped us to strengthen the bonds between the two nations by participating in various activities with the students .It was indeed an enthralling exchange program. The lush green hills, beautiful rivers, amazing rains, the temples, the strenuous treks and the Bhutanese culture will always remain in the pack of our memories.



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