Lack of safety is one of the biggest problems of Indian women today. Self-defence for women is important, if not essential.

With the population rate shooting up to a great percentage India has now become the fourth most unsafe country for women, according to a 2011 poll by Trust Law. When it comes to women’s safety, we rank just above Somalia. Delhi is the most unsafe city for Indian women, even during the day. Women, usually referred as the weaker individuals, are considered easier targets. In a country like ours where the cases of gender violence are on rise, out of which many go unreported, self-defence for women has acquired a higher status.

Several institutes like DARE (Defence Against Rape and Eve-teasers) by Institute of Martial Science in Mumbai, Smile Foundation and Blank Noise work towards women self-defense awareness by hosting  workshops, road events and demonstrations to help us in freeing ourselves from the clutches of anyone who tried to harm us. Sir showed us practical demonstrations as well. Sir got us all engrossed into the workshop increase awareness about street violence.

With self defence becoming the need of the hour, our school, on the 23rd of September welcomed Mr. Puranjay Jadeja with utmost gratitude who hosted a self defence and the fitness workshop for the girls from classes 8-12.

Sir , with his immense knowledge made us aware about how important a role, self defence and fitness played in our lives.  He quickly briefed us with some quick tips and tricks that would help us defend ourselves at the time of danger. He taught us the most effective and efficient moves that could cause maximum damage to our attacker and made us try all the tricks too.

Sir also introduced to us- Tabata, a four minute high-intensity workout protocol invented by Dr. Izumi, a Japanese physician and researcher. It had a total of six exercises that lasted 20 seconds each with a gap of 10 seconds. With sir’s guidance we all attempted the Tabata regime with a set of several other exercises.

The workshop was exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable. We would like to thank our Principal, Ma’am Khandke and Mr. Puranjay Jadeja for organizing this workshop and for widening our horizons in the fields of self defence and fitness.


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