Lohri Celebration


Our school not just involves its students in academics and activities, but in festivities as well. One of such festivities is Lohri, which is celebrated on 13th of January every year. Lohri marks the end of the winter season as the Sun rays start falling more directly on the Northern Hemisphere.

After a tiring day of school, the students gathered in the Basketball courts at 6.00 p.m. Lohri was lit and the ebullient students and teachers expressed their ecstasy and joy at the sacred warmth of fire. Students were elated when the celebration was followed by good music and they danced with gusto and enthusiasm. After this jubilant celebration, everyone was treated with Revri and popcorn.

With this, the joyous celebration came to an end and everyone looked forward to such occasions and evenings.


This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles