Alumini Speaker Series


Mayo college girls school alumni speaker series 2016

This year mayo college girls school hosted the MCGS alumni speaker series which took place on the 30th and 31st of July.

There were seven speakers in all, each of them speaking about various fields and careers which they pursued in life after passing out from mayo. The speakers arrived on the 30th of July and were welcomed in the opening ceremony, thereafter which the first session by Seetashman Thapa began. Seethashma Thapa was to talk about working at the United Nations. Seetashma is currently working with the UN and showed us the grievances in Nepal, the video showcased various families. It was shot in various villages of Nepal. She even spoke about the Nepal earthquake and had caused severs destruction. Seetashma herself had suffered in her life, but she refused to give up and stood strong.

After a break for lunch the second session was by Shweta Mangal who was an entrepreneur. Shweta spoke about her business in which she had started an ambulance service with the number 1298. Initially she started with two and now there are about 1500 of her ambulances all over the country. The turnover also reaches up to 15 crores. She provided guidelines for a business start up.

The second session was followed by a tea break after which there was the third session by Shibani Sahni who was a social worker. Shibani spoke about the transitional journey from corporate to social development. She made us aware about the importance of recycling and social development.

The fourth session was help by Priyanka Kochar who initially did architecture but went into planning eco friendly buildings. She spoke about many interesting things, about how differently buildings etc can be built in order to keep ourselves cool in summers. She spoke about the use of pots and thick walls to reduce warmth.

The last session for the day was by an entrepreneur, Rushina Munshaw Gidiyal who was a chef. Rushina talked about the various opportunities in the food industry. Rushina even motivated us by sharing with us her personal experiences. She told us how she eventually came over her social awkwardness and how she handles her work and her children .Rushina has till now worked at some of the best restaurants around the globe. She even spoke about various fields one can opt in the food industry.

There were a few speakers for the next day too which was the 31st of July before which classes 11th and 12th even had an interactive session with the alumni in which we as students spoke about what we can give back to school. There was a cooking workshop too at 11; 00 by Rushina in the home science lab for the home science students. The workshop was a great success and included cooking tips and theoretical knowledge too.

After that there was a lunch break after which there was a session by Shibani Sahni. She showed us a presentation on mindfulness and self realization which included tips on handling stress and being alert. Shibani taught us to think in a practical manner and also to execute time management.

The next session was by Aahna Mehrotra whose session was about raising the bar in sports law. Aahna wanted to be a lawyer since 6ht grade. She even used to play cricket but realized the importance of a career. She told us hoe she took sports law lightly and dint get through her exam the first time. After which she worked hard and got in the second time and now is a successful sports lawyer.

The last session of the alumni speaker’s series was by Abhishruti Bezbaruah which was an interactive music session. Abhishruti used to sing in mayo and took up music further and now is a professional musician and a vocalist. Her session involved songs with the students of MCGS and even her own music video shot in Assam. Abhishruti has also received the singer of Ajmer award. Her compositions comprise of both Hollywood and Bollywood.

Her session was followed by the closing ceremony. All the sessions were of great motivation and a source of knowledge for each one of us. The alumni president Viniti Dev also helped us with or doubts and questions about our future. The school learned a lot from these two days and looks forward for the next speaker series.


This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles