Inter House Music and Dance 2016

RCL 6533

On 12th September, the much anticipated dance inter-house took place, with the students dressed up in their costumes and ready for a competitive yet fun filled evening. Beginning with Odissi, Sanyogita house enthralled the auditorium with their grace and beauty and started the evening with a pleasant bang. The category ended with the powerful dance performances of Karunawati and Meera house, depicting the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu. Bharatnatyam being the next category, the students captivated the audience with their fast paced dance and graceful neck movements. With the swishing skirts of the Kathak dancers and the rhythmic tapping of the ghungrus, the audience eagerly awaited the folk dances artfully portraying the different cultures of states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc. The evening came to a sad end with much appreciation from the judges.

On September 20, 2016 the Music and Dance Society organized the long awaited Music Inter House. The evening’s performances displayed a high standard of performances reflecting the knowledge and skills of the performers under the guidance of our respected teachers. The honorable judges for the evening were Dr. Vandana Chakravarty, Ms. Kamlesh Kashyap and Dr. Anjana Bhargava.

The evening began with the Classical solo performances of Raags such as Raag Bhairav , Raag Malkauns, Raag Khamaj, Raag Yaman and Raag Asawari where the students pleased the audience with their rich skills in alaaps and tans , followed by the Sitar recitals of high level Raags including Raag Megh , Raag Vrindavani Sarang , Raag Durga, Raag Des and Raag Madhmad Sarang. The Sitar recitals enthralled the audience with fast hand movements and precision.The next category the audience witnessed was Tabla performances. These included Roopak Taal, Keherwa Taal , Teen Taal and JhapTaal. The students performed various Paltas, Kaydas, Tukdas ,Uthaans andLlaggi Ladis. These performances left the audience mind boggled. Beautiful bhajans followed the table performances. These included Vo Kala Ek Bansuri Vala , Ram Ka Gun Gaan Kariye , Baaje Re Muraliya Baaje , Jag Mein Sundar Hain Do Naam and Paayo Ji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Paayo. These sweet bhajans left no choice to the audience but clap. The last category for the evening were the vibrant Sufi songs such as Chaap Tilak , Ali More Angana Daras Dikha , Damadum Mast Kalandar , Bhar Do Jholi Meri and Allah Hu. The Sufi sings gave an exuberant ending to such a melodious evening. The evening was one where music filled each heart that was present and brought joy to all the souls.


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