Sports Day Report 2016


04 PG School Sports 2016

After several apprehensions we finally included in doing something unprecedented; holding the annual sports day as a late evening programme for the first time in the mayo history. With the arena lit with flood lights and enthusiasm in the air, we commenced with the programme. The chief guest for the evening was Mr.Dhanraj pillai; an eminent hockey player and an ace Olympian who has brought several laurels to the country. Then we had squads of each house marching ahead with their heads held high and reflecting the mottos their houses stood for. The torch bearing ceremony followed the event in which the girls who had been performing exceedingly well in their respective sports were honoured. The audience was stunned by the daring performance of our tiny tots who exhibited immense courage and jump through the ‘ring of fire’. A fusion of aerobics and gymnastics was put up by the sixth standard. Next in the events was a yoga performance by the entire Jamila singh house in which they innovatively depicted the universe through different seasons. The seniors put up their drill using various props filling the atmosphere with vim and zest. The electrifying drill of the Juniors left the audience awe-struck as they could not help but applaud throughout.

            The evening closed with the much awaited prize distribution ceremony followed by Mr.Dhanraj Pillai’s inspirational speech that instilled in each one of us the undying spirit of sportsmanship and the zeal to chase our dreams until they come true.


This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles