Bharatnatyam performance by Mrs. Jyotsana Sourie


Mrs Jyotsna Shoure is a accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer and has been running the Jyotsna Sourie dance socity  in Delhi for over 30 years. Mrs Shourie has been a skilled student of Bharatnatyam from the age of 6 and has been practicing this classical dance from almost 60 years now.

Mrs shourie began her journey in the art  Bharatnatyam at an early age in Mumsai under the guidance of her Guru Kalyana Sunderam Pillai of the shri Rajarajeshwari  Bharatnatyam kala mandir.

Mrs Shourie has performed Bharatnatyam all across India and in numerous countries abroad as well. We have the honour to witness one of Ma’am’s productions called ‘face to Face’ .’Face to Face’ is a dance theatre dialogue between Sita & Draupadi the artist performing in this production are:-

1)Nandita Kalaan Mehra

2)Amrita Sivakumar

3)Himanshu srivastava

4) and shreyasi gopinath

The troop has performed this program in Delhi,Chennai,Hydrabad,Bangalore,Malaysia and in several countries in Europe as well. Through her work, Ma’am Jyotsna Shourie reflects her powerful vision of her art,  that of widening the boundaries of traditional Bharat Natyam  through varies influences. 


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