Downe House Exchange Programme


I vividly remember the morning of 21st May. The haphazard way in which I put on my uniform, and clambered downstairs for check-in. Then followed breakfast, and further on classes. A routine, that had been so unfamiliar, has now, become a daily ritual. One of our very first thoughts about this place was, whether we would ever be able to navigate the humongous school campus, without the help of our buddies and whether we’ d be able to adapt to the  new environment. However now, at the end of our stay, our concern has morphed into unwillingness. Unwillingness to leave this place, which the both of us have grown extremely fond of, in a remarkably short period of time.

Both of us had been slightly hesitant about attending the classes. Having come from a different curriculum, we were doubtful, if we would be able to keep pace with the subject matter being taught here. Our worries, however were soon proved baseless. The teachers taught the classes in such an adept manner, that it was very easy for us to grasp, even,the hardest of concepts. More importantly, they created a very interactive and casual atmosphere, making classes both enjoyable and interesting. The various sports lessons were also fun to attend and a perfect way to exercise.


We were also extremely impressed, by the variety of food served here, be it the cereal bar for breakfast or the salad bar at supper. We especially fell in love with the desserts offered. The delicious food did, however, have a bit of a negative impact. Against our firm resolve, we always ended up indulging ourselves, and overeating.

To our delight, we also got the opportunity to participate in the India Day, organised on the 9th of May.  It was truly enriching to see our Nation’s rich culture, and diversity, presented in such a manner, and there is no doubt, that it was a spectacular event. We were also fortunate enough to attend the Downe House Fashion Show. We were truly rendered speechless by the innovative designs showcased. The various music and dance performances, brought the entire program together and made it even more marvellous. The fair organised by the 6th Form, was another fun and memorable experience. Our trip to London, was yet another highlight of our stay here at the Downe House.To add to this, we even paid a visit to the Gielgud Theatre to watch a rendition of, ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’. It was an indescribable experience. One that we will certainly cherish, for the rest of our lives.

There is no doubt, however that the best moments of our trip have been spent, hanging out, with the new friends we’ve made. Talking to our dorm mates after lights-out, walking back together after classes, spending time with them, these, are the moments we will truly miss. It is our opinion, that they are the ones who have made this trip successful.

Both of us definitely count ourselves fortunate, that we were able to experience life at Downe House. It is an experience we will treasure forever. We would therefore like to thank Downe House for providing us this opportunity. We are very grateful.

-Ananya Jain and Asees Sandhu

Mayo College Girls’ School.


This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles