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    Children’s Day Celebration is as full of fun and frolic as all other days of School. Never ending enthusiasm shown by the staff to do something for the students. It’s more fun when the Principal decides to join in with the troupe of HM’s to do the CHAU dance. Hold your breath she can actually dance, Ma’am Khandke leading from the front as always. It was the most applauded event of the show though the grand event was the last item.

    The day started with special assembly. Teachers were on the stage to sing the assembly song, sung on the tune of

    Lab Pe Aati Hai Duwa Banake Tamanna Meri…
    Jindagi Shamma Ki Surat Hai, Khudaaya Meri

    The lyrics were written by the Hindi & Music Department.

    Ms. Madhabi Gopalan MCGS Alumni took over as the School Captain.

    Prayer full of blessings for the students by Ma’am Khandke.

    “The show begins”

    Mr. Manoj Bagga danced with a number of Gopiyaan. You just will not believe that MCGS ladies can look so cute unless you see those pictures. A spectacular show with the dance maestro performing with amateurs.

    With a lot of noise & applause the staff Band ‘Chilly Flakes Returns’ comes on stage, Singing a medley of songs from “Hai apna dil to aawaaraaa, to browngirl in the ring to Mehbooba Mehbooba…”. Our audience went crazy waving hands & dancing on their places.

    Wi-Fi awards were announced & given for all good reasons (not to be mentioned here). The ladies compering were at their best.

    A state wise fashion show followed by the Chau dance were the other performances.

    Did I write, as the student entered the Harsh Kumari Complex they were given cards & chocolates. The beautiful excited faces had chocolates to savour & watch the show.

    Lunch was a big treat a mixture of continental & Non-Vegetarian/Vegetarian food with Ice-cream & cake.

    Thanks to Ma’am Khandke for bridging the gap between the staff & students.

    RCL 0124

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    Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the 5th Sept every year as a mark of respect to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He is known for his excellent contribution towards the betterment of Indian Education system.

    MCGS also sees a revolutionary change. Staff who have been here for years are zapped. A short program by our very enthusiastic MCGS students, who are happy to be out of the classroom enjoying music and dance in the auditorium.

    More amazing is the fact how the ambience of the School auditorium is changed to celebration mode on an all working day which we had experienced over 2 ½ Decade. Seeing so much joy on the young faces is worth giving up studies for a day. Let’s get back to the changes. Ma’am Khandke was ushered by the students to dance and the entire staff was requested to join in at the beat of bollywood numbers. A changed scenario from the usual cards and flowers given to teachers’ by the girls’.

    MCGS is a family in the true sense, proving our solidarity while dancing. Staff club party was as always loaded with food for our ravenous appetites .

    Day never ends at MCGS after lunch, we had more on our platter. The whole School goes to watch MARY KOM. The all motivational celluloid for the MCGS family. Though I totally agree with the critics who say “ its difficult to recapitulate Mary Kom’s  life and the adversities she faced in a few hours”.

    Popcorn’s never taste the same as they do in a movie hall. A treat again of samosa, popcorn and soft drinks to celebrate teachers’ day with students.

    Introspecting while returning back to School. Making us watch this movie together sure was to prove that teachers show the right path and groom their pupil to become a better citizen. They teach you to face the most difficult challenges of life and get through them easily.

    “At mcgs learning never stops even if we are out to enjoy”

    Amanpreet K Broca

    Web Admin

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    Bubbling with joy MCGS students, looking forward to holiday, fete and the boys School visiting..Preparations of the Foundation Day started with the students grooming themselves for the evening fete.

    We missed our founder principle Ma’am Singh and as Ma’am Khandke was on an official trip to Ireland the special assembly lacked its vigour. Fete was as usual with lots to eat and the fun games to play .The rides became more enjoyable due to perfect rainy weather.

    The Reunion of the Batch of 2004 was quite interesting. 15 of our students could make it. We truly hope the number would go up, but we also understand that our old girls must be having pressing commitments which prevented them from joining us for these 2 days.

    For the reunion we had our old staff members with us. Kudos to all the ladies who retired from MCGS and manage to look just the same. Present MCGS staff needs to take tips from them.

    As these years pass by, the School constantly collecting feathers in the cap, We at MCGS, wish years of never ending success to the School.

    Mrs. Amanpreet k. Broca

    Web Admin

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