Online Common Aptitude Analysis for admission to classes IV - IX

A mark in the history of Mayo College was the resolution of the General Council and the Board of Governors to start an exclusive, residential school for girls on the 46 acre field, used earlier as the Polo Ground and later as playing ground and a farmland.

A landmark development was the Bhoomi Pujan and the foundation stone laying ceremony on the 1st of August 1987. Construction work started on a war footing and the admission process as well as recruitment of staff began in right earnest.
Known today as the ‘Sister School ‘ of Mayo College, the school strives to meet the vision envisaged by the founders.

We shall make it a special point to ensure that the ethos of the Girls’ School is imbued with Indian traditions and culture without ignoring the present and the challenges of the future. Indian values, dance and drama will play a special role in the life of the child at the Mayo College Girls’ School.

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  • The object of true education is to make children not merely to do right but to enjoy doing so.
  • Great ideas belong to everybody and every generation stands on the frontiers of the mind. We encourage the individuality of every child and yet at the same time inculcate in her a sense of responsibility and consideration for others. We believe that finally a person is worth not what she has or even what she does but what she is.
  • In a world of ideas there is always pioneering to be done and we prepare students to face new challenges and urge them to seek originality. We also know it is equally important to root a child in the rich Indian culture and tradition and teach her to respect every creed. Our curriculum and activities reflect this aim.
  • Inculcating a respect for work and human dignity is another objective we strive for. We teach our students to reach out to others through social service programmes and our S.U.P.W (Socially Useful Productive Work) classes teach children the value of work ethics and community service
  • We also aim to bring out the best in every student.We trace and follow her academic progress closely and we provide an enriched environment where we enable her to develop her talents in dance, music, art, writing and communication and to train her skills in games and athletics.
  • At our school we believe it is important to teach a child but it is even more important to make her want to learn.